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ِAbout Me

Who Am I?

I am an Information Technology student and an aspiring software engineer who is on a constant journey of learning, improvement, mistakes, and achievements. I aim to always leave a positive mark in every place I go, whether I was a student, an employee, a service provider, or a leader in such. I seek to achieve my aim through excelling in the crafts I'm passionate about, which are Software Engineering, and Software Project Management.
I have the constant will to achieve more for the organization I work for, my clients, my community, and myself. Having such a will and determination places me in a never-ending loop, in which I desire to give more, learn more, and achieve more. Such a trait makes me a valuable asset, as I am fully willing to learn all about topics that would help me do better in my roles.

Memberships & Affiliations:

  • - Student Ambassador of NC State University's Global Training Initiative - Since February 2021
  • - Leader of Computer Club, King Abdulaziz University - Since February 2020
  • - Cofounder & Leader of Ataa Techani Voluntary Team - Since February 2020
  • - Member of The Student Council of FCIT - Since September 2019
  • - Cofounder & Leader of Sadaqah Voluntary Team - October 2018 until December 2018
  • - Member of The Unit of Voluntary Work at KAU - September 2018 until January 2019
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Web Development

Wordpress Development

Tool Development

Desktop Development

UI/UX Design

Project Management

My Journey

May 2018

Graduated High School

Successfully graduated high school with a CGP of %96.80, a GAT score of 88, and an Academic Achievement Test score of 90.

August 2018

Graduated Cyber Craft Bootcamp

Accepted amongst 150 out of 5000 applicants for the CyberCraft Bootcamp, hosted by STC Solutions in 2018. In this month-long, full-time program, we studied 4 extensive courses that covered fundamental knowledge of Networks and Cybersecurity.

September 2018

Began my Preparatory Year at King Abdulaziz University

Embarked on my new journey as a Preparatory Year student at the #1 University in the Arab region (according to QS, Shanghai, and Times Higher Education rankings) with nowhere to go but up.

October 2018

Led my first Voluntary Team

Cofounded and Led Sadaqah Voluntary team which was a temporary project sponsored by The Unit of Voluntary Work at King Abdulaziz University, that ended up winning 3rd place in a university wide Volunteering Competition.

March 2019

Participated in my First Speaking Competition

Nominated by my Communication Skills (COMM-101) Lecturer as the top speaker at my section, I represented my section in The Professional Speakers Competition, hosted by The Faculty of Communication And Media at King Abdulaziz University. In which I won the 3rd place with my piece on The Art of Persuasion.

May 2019

Achieved Academic Excellence in my Preparatory Year

Received the Certificate of Excellence during my first year, which is given to students that acquire a GPA higher than 4.5/5 in two successive semesters.

Got Accepted in The Faculty of Computing and Information Technology

Shortly after achieving academic excellence in the preparatory year, I got accepted in FCIT. From that point, my journey in the Tech industry began.

July 2019

Graduated 7/7 Bootcamp: UI/UX Track

Successfully completed The 7/7 Bootcamp: UI/UX Track, which was an accelerated course hosted by The Saudi Federation for Cyber Security and Programming.

August 2019

Learned Python, my First Programming Language

Starting June 2019, I began learning Python through the official course provided by The Python Institute for the professional PCAP: Programming Essentials in Python Certificate, which I successfully completed by August 2019.

September 2019

Joined the Student Council of FCIT

Got accepted as the only Freshman student on the council during the academic year of 2019/2020.

January 2020

Cofounded Ataa Techani Initiative

By the end of January 2020, Ataa Techani, an initiative that aims to offer high-quality technical courses for non-technical people, was born.

March 2020

Began Learning Web Development

During March 2020, a full lockdown was enforced due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. During which, I decided to learn something new to get the best out of the free-time caused by the pandemic. Therefore, I decided to start learning Web Development, which became my preferred field ever since.

May 2020

Achieved Academic Excellence in my Freshman Year

Received the Certificate of Excellence again during my Freshman year. At this point, I started working towards a 5 year streak of academic excellence.

July 2020

Completed Future Path Career Essentials & Preparation Programs

During the summer vacation of 2020, I thought it would be a good time to work on developing my soft skills. Therefore, I registered to the Future Path Programs by Misk Foundation and Fullbridge.

August 2020

Graduated The Front-End Web Development Nanodegree Program

A short while after starting to learn Web Development, I decided to take it a step further and apply to The Front-End Web Development Nanodegree Program, by Udacity.

October 2020

Assigned as the Leader of the Computer Club at King Abdulaziz University

During the academic year 2020/2021, The Computer Club at King Abdulaziz University seeked to be reestablished, which is when I was assigned as the Club Leader to lead it towards its new vision.

December 2020

Earned the Developing Cultural Competence (DCC) Certification

Nominated by my faculty to represent it in The DCC Virtual Exchange organized by NC State University, I completed the program's extensive 4 day cohort successfully as my final achievement of 2020.

January 2021

Began my First Internship at Naseej Market

As the new year began, new goals were set. My main goal for the year was to start applying and sharpening my knowledge in professional environments. That is why I applied for a Web Development Intern position, which I eventually earned, at Naseej Market, a rapidly growing E-Commerce based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

February 2021

Chosen as a Student Ambassador of The Global Training Initiative at NC State University

Shortly after finishing the DCC Virtual Exchange, I received an invitation from The Global Training Initiative (GTI) at NC State University to apply for the position of Student Ambassador, and so I did. Ever since, me and my fellow ambassadors represent the GTI in our respective regions.

May 2021

Achieved Academic Excellence in my Sophomore Year

Received the Certificate of Excellence for the third year in a row during my Sophomore year. The 5 year streak is getting closer by the day.

Completed the Future Seekers Program

In this program, Misk Academy in collaboration with Udacity provided a general course on the most important future skills that will be in high-demand as the years progress, such as Digital Marketing, Product Management, Artificial Intelligence, Business Analysis, and other key skills.

Graduated The Agile Software Project Management Nanodegree Program

May just kept getting better, as I also graduated this program which focused on Project Management, a field that I've started developing an increasing interest in.

June 2021

Began my Internship at Tamara

After a very productive month, I began June by working at the rapidly growing Fintech company Tamara.

And the Journey Continues...

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